Readers ask: Spotify stops playing when screen is off s10?

Why Spotify stops playing when screen is off?

Re: Playback Stops in Lock Screen – Galaxy S10

If you go to Apps > Spotify > Optimize battery usage, Spotify will continue playing after you’ve clicked the power button to sleep the display. However, if you allow the display to time out and sleep on its own, Spotify will continue to shut off when the display sleeps.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing Samsung S10?

Technically the reason the phone is stopping Spotify is due to the new power management system on the S10 and S10+ and this means you need to tell the phone to allow Spotify to use battery and not sleep. Click on the BATTERY wording to enter the setting relating to the Battery usage for the SPOTIFY APP.

How do I get Spotify to play in the background on my Galaxy S10?

Note: If your Samsung phone is running Android 7.0 or later, skip this step and go to the one below.

  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Tap the Data usage entry.
  3. Tap on Background data.
  4. Find the app that’s giving you trouble on the list.
  5. Make sure the switch beside it is set to enabled.

How do I keep my music playing when my Android screen is off?

Top 8 Fixes for Samsung Phone Stops Playing Music When Screen Turns off

  1. Restart Phone.
  2. Turn off Lock Screen Widget.
  3. Allow Background Activity.
  4. Turn off Battery Optimization.
  5. Remove App from Sleeping Apps.
  6. Check Data Usage Settings.
  7. Uninstall Samsung Switch.
  8. Update or Uninstall Music App.
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How do I keep my music playing when my screen is off?

Some of the Android devices have background limitations while the screen is locked or you are playing music in the background. To fix this issue, check the below solutions to adjust your phone settings: Solution 1: Device Settings > Advanced Settings > Battery manager > Power plan set to Performance.

How do I keep Spotify playing in the background?

Tap the Data usage entry. Tap on Background data. Find the app that’s giving you trouble on the list. Make sure the switch beside it is set to enabled.

Why does my Spotify keep pausing Samsung?

Sometimes using “Battery Saver” or “Power Saving Mode” on an Android can lead to random pauses on Spotify.

How do you stop Spotify from pausing?

I finally found the right solution, so if Spotify keeps pausing on you, here’s what to do. Go to and log in. On the Account Overview page, scroll down and click the “Sign Out Everywhere” button. This force signs you out of every instance of Spotify on all your devices.

Why does my music keep pausing Samsung S10?

If your S10’s music streaming keeps pausing or disconnecting, it can also be due to poor internet connection. Try checking if you have any on-going connection issues like when you’re sending or receiving MMS, chatting, or video calling.

How do I play Spotify in the background on Android?

Allow Spotify to Use Data in the Background

Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps. Find the Spotify app and tap on it. 2. Tap Data Usage, then toggle the Background data setting on to allow Spotify to use data in the background.

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Why is my phone playing music by itself?

One of the less-intense viruses that is common in Android devices is the random music playing virus. There is no specific name for this virus; you might be using your phone, and after closing all apps and locking it, some random music suddenly starts playing in the background.

How do I keep apps from running in the background?

Launch the recents menu by hitting the square navigation key or with a swipe up and hold gesture from the bottom of the screen. Tap the app icon to bring up the menu. Tap Keep open for quick launching. The app will always be in memory.

How do I play music while my phone is locked?

Play Through Google Chrome Browser On Android

The Google Chrome Browser on Android workaround is similar to the Mozilla Firefox one. Simply pull up the Chrome Browser – which should come preloaded on your Android phone – and watch the video in question. If you lock your phone, the audio should continue playing.

Why does my Spotify stop playing on my Android?

Re: Randomly stops playing

Then please make sure to check this is done: Mobile Settings> Apps> Spotify> Permissions. Mobile settings> Apps> Spotify> Battery> Optimize battery usage> select top All (not optimized for apps)> Spotify> disable. Restart the phone.

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