Often asked: Fallout new vegas you ll know it when it happens?

How long is Kimball’s speech?

The speech will only take approximately four minutes. During the speech the President will award a medal to Private Jeremy Watson for his service to the NCR. Once the speech is over, the President will be escorted directly back through the visitor center to his vertibird for immediate departure.

Where are the clues at Hoover Dam?

The engineer’s bloodstain can be found in the supply closet in the Hoover Dam visitor center, on the first floor behind the staircase.

  • The ridge to the left of the road.
  • The tower behind the stage.
  • The roof of the visitor center.

Does Fallout New Vegas have an ending?

Fallout New Vegas has four ‘main’ endings: supporting House, supporting the NCR, backing Caesar’s Legion, or working with Yes Man for an independent New Vegas. There are also variations on these, such as killing Caesar and allowing the Legion to win with Legate Lanius in charge.

Can the NCR and brotherhood be allies?

Positive reputation with the Brotherhood

If Still in the Dark has been completed, the Courier stayed on good terms with the Brotherhood, and McNamara remains Elder, a truce can be signed between the Brotherhood and the NCR. Go to McNamara and tell him the NCR wants them destroyed, he will then offer a truce.

What happens if President Kimball dies?

If he dies, House reasons, Kimball will become a martyr for hawkish elements of the NCR Senate. If the Courier fails to protect President Kimball during his visit under any affiliation save the Legion, Kimball will be assassinated by agents of Caesar.

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Who was the most popular NCR president?

There is no room for error here. When he asks you who the most popular NCR president was, you answer Tandi. When asked where the original NCR capital was located, you answer Shady Sands. And when asked what the NCR’s flag is emblazoned with, you answer a double-headed bear.

Can you kill yes man?

Similar to Victor, Yes Man’s personality is distributed across all securitrons. As a result, he cannot be killed permanently and will respawn upon leaving the Strip. Yes Man is the only named securitron in the base game that does not disappear or become disabled after Mr. House’s death.

Can you save President Kimball in Fallout New Vegas?

alright you have to disarm the bomb on the helicopter by either searching the helicopter after it lands, or stealing the detonator from the engineer that is up there waiting with you. Second, the sniper is up on the sniper tower right behind the presidents stage. Climb the tower and take him out, not the other NCR guy.

Where do I get NCR Ranger armor?

This armor can be found on NCR Veteran Rangers throughout the game in areas occupied by the NCR (e.g. Camp Golf, the NCR Ranger Safehouse, Ranger Station Bravo, Camp Forlorn Hope, etc.) or if the Courier is labeled a terrorist by the NCR, as there will be ranger kill-squads sent to eliminate them.

Will yes man betray you?

The only point of Yes Man is so it gives you a chance to take Mr. House’s position and rule over Vegas like he did (although the ending kinda seems like a hint to Terminator in that Yes Man is going to betray you later on if they have DLC’s to continue the story).

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What’s the best ending in Fallout New Vegas?

Legion. Companions have the best ending with NCR, except Arcade, whom still lives happily. Almost every minor faction’s ‘best‘ outcome is with sideing with the NCR, except for Goodsprings, the Fiends, and the Powder Gangers. Basically, the NCR is the best for the wasteland overall.

Can you leave Big MT without your brain?

The brain, if left in The Sink and not integrated back into the Courier, will act like any of the other appliances. Like the spine and heart, the brain can be taken out and put back in at any time.

Should I kill Mr House for the NCR?

KILL! Yes you can kill him, it won’t change the NCR quest by very much.

Can the Brotherhood of Steel join yes man?

You can recruit the Brotherhood after finishing Still In the Dark and Eyesight to the Blind whether you’re working with the NCR or Yes Man. It’s just that Yes Man has no dialogue about it; all you can do is tell him to ignore them. But if recruited, the Brotherhood will still come and help in the battle.

Can you become an NCR Ranger?

However, it is possible to get hold of the NCR Ranger combat armor or patrol armor and dress as one, but there’s no specific bonuses for doing so (and the usual results associated with wearing faction armour). And don’t forget the signature pistol: the Ranger Sequoia. Highly active question.

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