Often asked: Alison krauss & union station when you say nothing at all?

Did Randy Travis Sing When You Say Nothing at all?

Overstreet and Schlitz came up with “When You Say Nothing at All” at the end of an otherwise unproductive day. Earlier, he had recorded another Overstreet-Schlitz composition that became a No. 1 hit for another artist – Randy Travis‘ “On the Other Hand.”

When did Alison Krauss song When You Say Nothing at all?

Alison Krauss‘ version of the song “When You Say Nothing at All” was released in 1995 as a single from her album, Keith Whitley: A Tribute Album. Upon its release, the song entered the country charts, and it also won a CMA award for Single of the Year.

Are Robert Plant and Alison Krauss a couple?

Moreover, Krauss has the custody of their only son and has brought him up as a single mother. From the last couple of years, Robert Plant was her good friend. Initially, they work together. But during 2016 media reports that they are now bonding romantically and he is her last boyfriend.

Who sings When You Say Nothing At All Keating crossword?


Did you solve When You Say Nothing at All singer Keating?

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