FAQ: How old was goku when he met bulma?

How old is Bulma when she meets Goku?

She was born in Age 733, and she met Goku in Age 749, putting her at 16 years old at the time.

When did Goku meet Bulma?

Goku. Bulma and Goku Goku and Bulma first met in Mountain Paoz when he was 12 and she 16. Goku was amazed to see she was a girl because she was the first human he had contact with other than his late grandfather.

Is Bulma older than Goku?

Bulma is older than Goku, until the point where she starts using the dragon balls to make herself younger she is physically older than Goku, but chronologically she has always been older than Goku. Goku was 12 at the beginning of Dragon Ball, and Bulma was 16–17.

Does Bulma have a crush on Goku?

She was never “in love” with Goku. There relationship was much more akin to an older sister and younger brother, but since they weren’t actually related, it was okay for Bulma to think of Goku as attractive. Not that she would ever actually fall in love with him though.

How much older is Bulma than Vegeta?

She was 29, while Vegeta was 30. Due to Vegeta’s fixation on training, that age gap between them has increased by an additional five years. In the universal tournament saga of Super Bulma is 47 and Vegeta is now 53.

Is Goku in love with Chichi?

Chi-Chi quickly fell in love with Goku, who was completely oblivious to her feelings. When Chi-Chi and Goku talked about getting married and having a family, something the Ox King was happy to set up, Goku agreed, but it was only because he thought marriage was something to eat.

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Did Bulma crush on Gohan?

Future Bulma’s personality is basically the same as in the original series, but she seems to have strong feelings for Gohan and they were able to find comfort, trust, closeness, chemistry, and respect when they were with each other as two consenting adults (Kaiserneko then reveals that she had a son with him in an

Why did Bulma like Vegeta?

Originally Answered: Why did Bulma fall in love with Vegeta? According to Trunks, Bulma, after Yamcha had cheated on her enough times, just left him for good, and ended up settling with Vegeta because she saw him “sitting all alone”. Vegeta, in turn, according to Super, likes her because of her strong will.

Why did Bulma marry Vegeta?

Toriyama mentions one more thing in the dictionary though: Bulma admires Vegeta for his ambition and determination to become stronger and stronger, and this is why she falls in love with him between the Frieza and Cell saga, one year after Frieza was defeated by Future Trunks.

How much older is Bulma?

Bulma was born in Age 733, so she is 47-48, roughly the same as the number of years Goku has experienced in total, including the years he was dead and the years he spent in the time chamber.

How did Vegeta fall in love with Bulma?

Vegeta later admits to Goku that it’s Bulma’s feistiness that makes him attracted to her because Saiyans naturally prefer strong-willed women. Jaco tells Bulma she could have led a different life but Bulma counters she is happy being married to Vegeta and the mother of his son.

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How much older is Vegeta than Goku?

2 Answers. There is no doubt that Vegeta is older as Goku was only an infant (about 0-1 yr old) when he was sent to Earth, while Vegeta was already fighting in another planet (about 5 yrs old), so Vegeta is about 5 yrs older than Goku.

Who has a crush on Goku?

11-year old Chi-Chi first met Son Goku when her father Gyu Mao sent him to get the Bancho-Fan, a magical fan that would put out the fire surrounding their castle. After Goku asked Chi-Chi if she was a girl in the most personal manner, she developed a crush on him, believing his advances to be a sign of affection.

Who is Goku’s best friend?

Goku’s best friend originally is Krillin. Since the original “Dragonball” this has been so. They both trained under Master Roshi Together as well competed in the World Martial Arts Tournament.

Does Goku actually like Chi Chi?

Yes Goku actually loves Chichi even though he is like the worst dad ever except for that one time he trained Gohan. Which was technically only a single day. But that’s the way of the Saiyan race. They love fighting and always seek out a challenge.

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