Readers ask: When was the equifax data breach announced?

Has anyone received money from Equifax Settlement?

Where’s the money for victims? It’s been one year since the settlement involving tens of millions of victims of the colossal Equifax data breach received final approval and the deadline passed for filing initial claims. There’s still been no payout.

Has the Equifax Settlement been finalized?

Equifax is indeed paying out right now—but not to you. Instead, the company has finally agreed to pay the banks (PDF) for the inconvenience of having to cancel and reissue millions of credit and debit cards, The Register points out.

When did Equifax notify those affected?

September 8, 2017, Notice About Equifax Data Breach. The information below was sent to the IT Security Community and Frontline Notify groups on September 8, 2017. Equifax, one of three nationwide credit-reporting companies, has announced a data breach affecting as many as 143 million Americans.

Do I qualify for Equifax Settlement?

To be eligible, your claim for Out-of-Pocket Losses or Time Spent must occur between January 23, 2020 and January 22, 2024 (the “Extended Claims Period”). During the Extended Claims Period, impacted class members may submit claim(s) for cash reimbursement.

How much is the Equifax Settlement per person?

On Thursday, Dec. 19, a Georgia federal judge awarded $77.5 million to the attorneys representing the class of consumers against Equifax.

Will Equifax pay $125?

In July, credit bureau Equifax agreed to pay nearly $700 million over its massive 2017 data breach. But even if you didn’t suffer any direct harm from the breach, you could claim free credit monitoring or a cash payout of up to $125 if you already have credit services in place.

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How do I check the status of my Equifax Settlement?

If you initiated your dispute request online and received a confirmation number, we will periodically email you the status until we’ve completed the investigation. You can also log into your myEquifax account and view your status by clicking the “check status of a dispute” button.

How long after settlement do I get the money?

After months or perhaps years of legal proceedings, most clients will patiently await the finalization of their claim. If you are wondering, how long does it take to get money from a settlement, you can call the lawyer’s office for verification. Most likely, the cash settlement will arrive within six weeks.

Did TransUnion get hacked?

TransUnion says someone fraudulently accessed data using a customer’s login credentials. The personal information of about 37,000 Canadians held by TransUnion may have been compromised this past summer, leaving both of Canada’s credit monitoring agencies with data blemishes on their record.

What did Equifax do wrong?

It’s been a full year since Equifax announced that it suffered a hack affecting 147 million Americans. It was a Thursday afternoon when Equifax explained that hackers infiltrated its network and stole customer names, Social Security numbers, birthdates and addresses, affecting more than half the US population.

Who was responsible for the Equifax data breach?

The U.S. Department of Justice announced that a federal grand jury in Atlanta delivered a nine-count indictment accusing four hackers and members of China’s People’s Liberation Army – Wu Zhiyong, Wang Qian, Xu Ke and Liu Lei – of serving as masterminds of the hack.

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How do I get my Equifax Settlement?

For instructions on how to get the free identity restoration services, call the settlement administrator at 833-759-2982. In addition, all U.S. consumers — even those not affected by the breach — can get six additional free credit reports from Equifax every year for the next seven years.

Can I sue Equifax?

After you file an Equifax dispute, Equifax has 30 days to verify that the information is incorrect and fix the mistake. If 30 days pass and your Equifax disputes don’t correct the mistake, you can sue Equifax.

How long does an Equifax dispute take?

Equifax Disputes

Equifax notifies you of the results of a dispute within 30 days. On average, disputes are resolved within ten days. Unlike the other two agencies, Equifax does indication an item is under dispute on your credit report during the investigation.

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