Quick Answer: When louis met…?

Where can I watch when Louis met Jimmy?

Where to watch When Louis Met…? You can watch buy episodes of the series on iTunes, or pick up the DVD box set, which includes some of Louis Theroux’s other shows.

When did Hamilton meet Louis Theroux?

In another episode (When Louis Met the Hamiltons), the Conservative MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine, were arrested during the course of filming following allegations of indecent assault; these were subsequently found to be false.

When Louis Met
Original release 13 April 2000 – 26 March 2002

Does Netflix have Louis Theroux?

There are a lot of documentaries streaming on Netflix.

There are also a lot of Louis Theroux documentaries streaming on Netflix. If you’re at all gasping to watch one, and simply can’t decide which to go for, don’t fear, we got you.

Does Louis Theroux live in America?

He and his family lived in Harlesden, London until they temporarily moved to Los Angeles, California in early 2013, allowing him more time to focus on his LA Stories series. In August 2017, Theroux again relocated to Los Angeles.

What did Jimmy Savile?

In late 2012, almost a year after his death, reports surfaced that Savile had sexually abused hundreds of individuals throughout his life, with alleged male and female victims, ranging from prepubescent to adult.

Were the Hamiltons found guilty?

The woman who accused former Tory MP Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine of rape has been found guilty of making up the incident. The Hamiltons were arrested in 2001 after Milroy-Sloan told police she had been raped by them, 62-year-old Barry Lehaney and a man called Andrew in Mr Lehaney’s flat in Ilford, Essex.

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How many Louis Theroux documentaries are there?

Life on the Edge. Louis Theroux reflects on 25 years of documentaries.

What was Louis Theroux first documentary?

Life on the Edge

# Title Synopsis
1 Beyond Belief The first episode talks about Louis and the Nazis, and early Weird Weekends episodes UFOs and Survivalists. Theroux interviews survivalist Mike Cain, and former Nazis Lamb and Lynx from Prussian Blue.
2 The Dark Side of Pleasure
3 Law and Disorder
4 Family Ties

Where can I watch Louis Theroux Weird Weekends?

BBC iPlayer – Louis Therouxs Weird Weekends.

What is Louis Theroux net worth?

Louis Theroux Net Worth: Louis Theroux is a British broadcaster and journalist who has a net worth of $4 Million. Born in Singapore on May 20, 1970, Theroux is best known for his involvement in BBC and his television series, Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.

Where does Louis Theroux live now?

Here’s exactly where he lives in London with his wife Nancy Strang and their three children: Albert, Frederick and Walter

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