Quick Answer: When does homestuck get good?

Is Homestuck worth reading?

Yes it is. People on this sub know I’ve had my criticisms but when it’s all said and done I’d recommend Homestuck to anyone just for the experience of reading something so long and complicated, yet so good in many places. Yep. It’s done.

Do you need to read homestuck intermission?


Regardless of how boringsomething ( THE INTERMISSION ) may seem, it becomes important later and you need to read it.

What is wrong with homestuck?

Homestuck does not live up to the hype. The pacing is horrible: The Comic is given fake length through unnecessary running gags that have no effect on the overall plot. There are very few resolutions to the plot, it feels like you are always hanging and the story never moves forward.

Is Homestuck good Reddit?

Homestuck is a really good read. It’ll make you laugh, but also think. It’s also ridiculously addicting. As a story, it’s interesting and complex.

Who is the most important character in homestuck?

In Cascade, Cal was shown to be sitting on Gamzee‘s lap during a certain critical moment. This scene was described as being watched by “the most important character in Homestuck”, meaning either Cal or Gamzee.

How long would it take to read all of homestuck?

The average reader, reading at a speed of 300 WPM, would take 5 days, 14 hours, and 56 minutes to read Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. As an Amazon Associate, How Long to Read earns from qualifying purchases.

Can I read homestuck on my phone?

Read it on a computer.

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Homestuck uses Flash, which means that it has interactive games, videos, and the like. A mobile or tablet doesn’t support Flash, which means that you won’t be able to fully enjoy the comic if you read it by those means.

How many words is homestuck?

It has been noted for its complex and nonlinear plot, considerable length at over 8,000 pages and 800,000 words, and intensely devoted fan community. The webcomic has drawn comparisons to Ulysses due to its high reading difficulty, and Homestuck has been cited as the first great work of Internet fiction.

How many acts of homestuck are there?

Act 6 of Homestuck is divided into six sub-acts and is by far the longest act.

Why does homestuck have a bad reputation?

Homestuck cosplayers have a reputation for being insensitive, rude, elitist and sometimes unintelligent. Many cosplayers take the role of being “in-character” too seriously, or they over-exaggerate it. The characters in Homestuck, especially the trolls, can be quite rude.

How old is Equius?

Equius currently resides in Garden Sector 14’s Troll Treehive. Age: 6 solar sweeps (equivalent to roughly 13 earth years).

How did homestuck get so popular?

Think about it; Homestuck has time travel, literal internet stereotypes, shipping, characters that almost anyone can relate to, it has a text based game vibe, modern culture references, lots of reader influence and much more.

Why is homestuck 2 bad?

Homestuck 2 has many of the same flaws classic Homestuck has, but none of the charm. In addition, it has quite a few problems of its own, those problem primarily being, a bad update schedule and subpar writing.

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Is Homestuck inappropriate?

Homestuck, while a great series, is often using inappropriate language. Homestuck has an EXTREME amount of profanity. Though I believe profanity concerns parents more than it should, Homestuck’s large amount of profanity should be a bit concerning.

What are Homestuck fans called?

As such, the term “Homestuck fandom” is encountered more frequently than “MSPA fandom“. Individual fans are commonly called “Homestucks”.

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