Often asked: When does the rap game come back on?

Is the rap game coming back in 2020?

However, fans would also love to see a new season showcasing talented kids entering inspiring rap battles and rigorous challenges. It is extremely likely that it will be renewed, following which we will expect season 6 to return with a release date in Q1 2020.

Will the rap game return for season 6?

Owever, it should not be taken as something that will impact whether a season 6 of The Rap Game will happen or not. Unfortunately, there are still no news of whether The Rap Game will be renewed for another season.

What channel is rap game on?

The Rap Game
Production company Intuitive Entertainment
Original network Lifetime
Original release January 1, 2016 – March 7, 2019

Why did tally quit the rap game?

Tally left The Rap Game because she didn’t want to compete in the battle rap. This was the second time Tally left season 3 of the series. When she got back she explained that her father made her leave after he found out about a new contestant being added to the competition.

How old is streetbud?

Street Bud Real Name, Birthday, Wiki

Real Name: Jeremiah
Birthday: July 30, 2004
Age: 16 Years Old
Place of Birth: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States
Zodiac Sign: Leo

What is sire from rap game doing now?

An IMDB accredited actor with several film credits under his youthful belt, Sire also has worked as a professional model and is a well-accomplished motivational speaker, who recently added Youth Correspondent to his resume.

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What is Mani from the rap game doing now?

Where is Mani now? Since the show, Mani has released some new singles such as Gon 4 A Min, Different Cloth and El Gato, to name just a few. He has also started up his own entertainment brand Fly City Ent and is no longer signed to Def So So Recordings, which allegedly came down to creative differences.

Did Lil key win the rap game?

Jermaine Dupri’s pick of 16-year-old Mani to win the second season of Lifetime’s hit show “The Rap Game” last Friday did not go over well among many fans of the show who preferred Lil Key. The teen, who lives n Los Angeles, won over Dupri, who called what Mani did “crazy. It shocked me. He stole the show.”

Where can I watch the rap game season 3?

S3 E13-One Contract, One Chain

Currently you are able to watch “The Rap GameSeason 3streaming on Netflix, DIRECTV, Discovery Plus or for free with ads on Tubi TV, Lifetime, Pluto TV.

Where can I watch the rap game Season 2?

Watch The Rap Game Season 2 | Prime Video.

What channel is the rap game UK on?

BBC Three – The Rap Game UK.

How old is Supa peach?

Her birthday falls on March 7, 2003. At present, she is 17-yrs old.

How old is Supa Peach?

Supa Peach Wiki/Bio
Real Name Supa Peach
Nick Name Supa
Famous As Social Media Star
Age 17-years old

Who signed So So Def?

So So Def Recordings is an American record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and owned by producer Jermaine Dupri, specializing in Southern hip hop, R&B and bass music. So So Def has managed artists such as Bow Wow, Kris Kross, TLC, and Usher.

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