Often asked: When does sombra go live?

What is Sombra’s real name?

Sombra’s biography is provided through additional Overwatch media including the Overwatch digital comics. Her real name is Olivia Colomar, revealed in the “Searching” online comic.

How long does Sombra’s Hack last?

Hack: Sombra’s key ability. The Hack can be performed by pressing secondary fire towards a target for 0.65 second. After Sombra finishes the Hack, the enemy will have their abilities disabled for 5 seconds.

How long is Sombra invisible?

Thermoptic camo allows Sombra to go completely invisible for six seconds, with an added speed boost. It’s got a six second cooldown, which isn’t too bad, making thermoptic camo a good way to get back to your team after respawning, too.

How long does Sombra’s Translocator last?

Translocator lasts indefintely, but can be destroyed by an enemy or Sombra at any time. Sombra can teleport to it as long as it is not destroyed. The 4-second cooldown will begin either when Sombra teleports or when the translocator is destroyed by an enemy.

How old is D va?

Real Name Hana Song (송하나)
Age 19
Nationality Korean
Occupation Professional gamer (formerly) Mech Pilot Actress

Why is Widowmaker skin blue?

Widowmaker is noted to have blue skin due to covert training in which her physiology altered to slow her heart, effectively turning her skin the color seen in-game.

Is Zarya a boy or girl?

Zarya is one of the strongest women in the entire Overwatch universe, and certainly the strongest of the playable female characters. In a given Overwatch match, she fills the role of “tank,” a tough front-line unit who clears a path for more fragile teammates.

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Does Sombra’s hack stop Ultimates?

Sombra’s hack operates similar to stuns when it comes to ultimates so it will cancel things like coalescence, whole hog and death blossom but it won’t cancel dragon blade (although it does stop Genji from dashing so it’s still good to hack him), tactical visor, etc.

Who is the youngest overwatch character?

Ages – from youngest to oldest

  • 48 – Moira.
  • 55 – Soldier.
  • 57 – Torbjörn.
  • 58 – Reaper.
  • 60 – Ana.
  • 61 – Reinhardt.
  • 62 – Sigma.
  • Classified – Echo.

Does Sombra EMP go through walls?

EMP will remove the temporary shield provided by Sound Barrier from all enemies caught in the blast. EMP will also hack any health packs in her line of sight of the blast unless it is already hacked by an enemy Sombra. EMP does not hack through walls/objects. EMP is the only way to hack a Symmetra’s sentry turrets.

Is McCree Reaper’s son?

Yep, McCree was Reaper’s protege.

Is Sombra a cyborg?

Panicked, she hastily wiped all trace of her existence, including her name and was forced into seclusion. Sombra becoming a cyborg. She came back as “Sombra” some time after, augmented by hardware that integrated her talents into grafted cybernetics.

How old is Zarya?

Real Name Aleksandra Zaryanova (Александра Зарянова)
Age 28
Nationality Russian
Occupation Soldier

Who can Sombra hack?

Sombra is able to “hack” enemies, Torbjörn‘s turrets, Orisa’s Supercharger and health packs, if the target is within 15 meters and in her line of sight.

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How old is Reinhardt?

Age 61
Nationality German
Occupation Crusader (formerly) Overwatch agent (formerly) Adventurer
Base Stuttgart, Germany

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