FAQ: How can titans make playoffs?

Can the Titans make it to the playoffs?

The Titans will clinch a playoff berth and the AFC South title with a win over the Texans or a Colts loss to the Jaguars, or if both teams tie. Even if the Titans lose out on the division, they have a chance to earn a wild card berth in the 2021 NFL playoffs.

How do Titans clinch playoffs?

The Titans clinched a playoff berth Sunday prior to kickoff against the Houston Texans when the Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins 56-26. Entering the final week of the regular season, Tennessee was one of five 10-5 teams in contention for the final AFC playoff spot.

How can Titans win division?

The Titans win the division with a win over the Texans or a Colts loss to the Jaguars. If not as the division champion, Tennessee still gets a wild card spot because the Dolphins lost to the Bills.

What happens if Titans lose and Colts win?

However, if the Titans lose and the Colts beat or tie the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Colts will win the division. The Colts have a steep hill to climb in Week 17. Indianapolis must win or tie and needs one of the Titans, Ravens, Browns or Dolphins to lose just to grab a playoff spot.

Did Titans clinch a playoff spot?

Titans clinch playoff spot before playing Texans in regular-season finale. HOUSTON — The Titans clinched a playoff spot Sunday with the Dolphins’ loss to the Bills, but the AFC South title is still up for grabs.

Who Will Titans play in the playoffs?

For the second straight year, the Ravens will open the playoffs against the Titans, who clinched the AFC South title Sunday with a wild 41-38 victory over the Houston Texans. The fifth-seeded Ravens will meet the fourth-seeded Titans at Nissan Stadium Sunday at 1 p.m. on ABC/ESPN.

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Who has clinched a playoff spot?

The New Orleans Saints became the first team to clinch a playoff spot in 2020 back in Week 13. The Saints needed to beat the Falcons while also requiring the Detroit Lions to beat the Chicago Bears. The Saints and Lions both won, clinching the Saints a 2020 NFL playoff berth.

What’s the Titans record this year?

In the Wild Card, the Titans were beaten by the Ravens 20–13.

2020 Tennessee Titans season
Record 11–5
Division place 1st AFC South
Playoff finish Lost Wild Card Playoffs (vs. Ravens) 13–20
Pro Bowlers show 2

Are the Titans?

The Titans were the deities in Greek mythology that preceded the Olympians. They were the children of the primordial deities Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth). The Titans included Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Theia, Coeus, Phoebe, Cronus, Rhea, Mnemosyne, Themis, Crius and Iapetus.

Do the Colts have a chance to make the playoffs?

The Colts now have a 73% chance to make the playoffs.

Did the Titans win the division?

With the 41-38 win, the Titans won their first division title in over a decade.

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